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Selene 54 Ocean Trawler yacht is a 59.83 ft long motor yacht monohull for sale and is available to be inspected for sale in summer and winter United States. It was built by Selenein 2024. .The cabin arrangement is following: .

The motor yacht features Cummins QSL9 diesel 405 hp

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    • Cummins QSL9 diesel 405 hp


    More Specifications

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    Hull lamination:

    Hull lamination schedule per construction plan, the area below water line to use "Cook" Gelcoat and vinylester resin for the first three (3) layers. Deck lamination schedule per construction plan. Construction plans pertaining to structure to be based on standards set by the CE standard.

    FRP Details:

    Cook Gelcoat for hull, deck, superstructure and non-skid surfaces.
    Hand laid bi-axis and uni-direction stitched woven roving/mat.
    Vacuum resin infusion hull and superstructure.
    3 watertight bulkheads (chain locker & collision locker, forward E/R, Aft E/R).
    Transverse frames and longitudinal girders system.
    Vinylester resin for the first three layers.
    FRP radar arch with s/s radar support.
    FRP staircase from cockpit to flybridge.
    Built in settee at fore deck and fly bridge.
    Integral full protected keel & rudder shoe.
    Recessed bow thruster tunnel.

    Core Materials:

    Cabin side (vertical surfaces): Corecell of varying degrees of thickness.
    Cabin top and deck (horizontal surfaces): Baltec or equivalent vertical end grain balsa, 1" thick.

    Deck/hull joint:

    Between deck and hull flange: 3M 5200.
    Inside of joint: Three (3) layers of Mat +Waven RoringM. & W.R. in all accessible locations.
    Mechanical fastening: 3/8" thru-bolts on 6" pitches.

    Longitudinal Stringer:

    Hull: Full length each port and starboard.
    Hull: Transverse Frame System.

    Water tight bulkheads:

    Water tight bulkheads per construction drawing to include, but not limited to the following areas: Between lazarette and E/R, E/R and lower cabins, Aft bulkhead of Fwd. Guest cabin and chain locker/collision bulkhead.

    Main Engine:
    Single Cummins QSL9 405HP@2100RPM
    Gear Box: ZF 280-1A
    Leece - Neville alternator 24VDC 50AMP.
    Walker "Air Sep" crankcase ventilation.
    Two (2) Vision 6FM200D-X batteries connected in series for 24VDC 200AMP start.
    Engine beds to have 1/2” stainless steel cap on top of bed and 1/4" plate on sides, plates are to be highly polished stainless steel.
    Each engine mounted on (4) resilient mounts.
    FRP drip pan under engine.

    Engine Controls and Panels:
    Two (2) stations: pilothouse, fly bridge. Controls in aft deck and P&S bridge are optional.
    Engine instrument panels with alarm that will monitor Tachometer, Engine oil pressure, Engine water temp, System voltage, Gear oil pressure and fuel burn for each main engine.

    NiBrAl alloy 4 blade counter rotating propeller.

    Propeller Shaft:
    Aqualloy 22 , 3" diameter.
    Taper details: Standard SAE.
    Line cutters on each main engine shaft (Option).

    Shaft tube:
    Bearings: rubber cutlass type.
    Stuffing Box: bronze.

    Fuel Filter(s):
    Dual Racor 75/1000MAX Fuel Water Filter.
    Dual (1) Racor 75-500MAX filter in addition to secondary generator mounted filter for the generator engine.

    Engine room floor:
    All engine room floors and structural members to be FRP with white gel coated surfaces.

    Noise Control Systems:
    Engine room ceiling and forward bulkhead and aft bulkhead treated with 3" of lead foam. and covered with white aluminum panels.
    Salon/galley cabin sole to have 25mm core system and 1/4" "decoupler" layer.
    Engine room hatches to have rubber gasket and lock down mechanism.
    Quiet Pro lining covering engine room intake ventilating ducts, 1” thick secured with epoxy and mechanical fasteners.
    Forward accommodation areas between hull and hull ceiling to be insulated with 1" thick 3M Thinsulate.
    Salon overhead between deck underside and overhead panels is to be treated with 1" thick 3M Thinsulate.
    Seal all holes and cracks in engine room parameter to prevent noise leakage.

    Engine Exhaust:
    Wet exhaust system for each engine design.
    Hydraulift FRP wet box muffler.
    Trident silicone exhaust pipe
    FRP engine room ventilation box w/ louver & drain hood.

    Onan 13.5kw generator
    Wet exhaust system using gen-sep water separator
    Two (2) Vision 6FM150D-X batteries connected in series for 24VDC 150AMP start
    Alternator: 24VDC
    Main panel located in pilot house and start stop on main electrical panel

    Hydraulic System (Option):
    Sidepower or Trac #220/7.5 digital underway stabilizer system with 7.5sq. ft. fins and dual station control. Stainless steel kelp cutters fwd. of fins tied to bonding system. System to be powered with engine driven pump
    Each main engine fitted with a clutchable PTO and hydraulic pump

    Hydronic Heating System (Optioned by Local Dealer)

    Air Conditioning System (Option):
    Reverse Cycle A/C System:
    CruisAir reverse cycle air conditioning system (66,000BTU's), 230VAC
    Sea water pump, 115/230V, 50/60Hz
    Pump Relay, 115/230V, with three 230V Triggers
    2-Knob, On/Auto, Fan Speed Cont., Black, 230V
    SMXht Display SMXht Gray – DX
    (3) RX20C-417 - SMX II, 36,000 BTU/Hr, 417 Refrig, 230/60/50/1
    (1) RX24C-417 - SMX II, 30,000 BTU/Hr, 417 Refrig, 230/60/50/1
    Air Handlers:
    Master Cabin (1ea)TV12,R-22/R-417A, 12,000 BTU/Hr, 6" Hose Adapter, 230/50-60/1
    Guest Cabin (1ea)TV8,R-22/R-417A, 8,000 BTU/Hr, 5" Hose Adapter, 230/50-60/1
    VIP Cabin and Head (1ea) TV10,R-22/R-417A, 10,000 BTU/Hr, 6" Hose Adapter, 230/50-60/1
    Pilothouse (1 ea) TV16,R-22/R-417A, 16,000 BTU/Hr, 7" Hose Adapter, 230/50-60/1
    Salon/Galley (1 ea) REU20C - 20,000 BTU/Hr, 7" Hose Adapter, 230/50-60/1

    Two (2) Jabsco 4" Exhaust Fan - One louvered vent on Port side decks aft in the engine room with screened blower inlet.
    Natural air intake - Two louvered vent at both side deck in the engine room

    One (1) Jabsco3" exhaust blower each head
    One (1) on/off switch
    Ducting is to be 3"

    One (1) natural vent instake for VIP stateroom.
    Ducting is to be 3"
    Cabin intake air is to come from a louvered intake vents located outside the boat and ducted to the stateroom.

    Fireboy MA2-1100-227 extinguishing system, automatic & maual with electronic shutdown of engine, generator, and engine ventillation blowers
    (1) Cylinder assembly
    (1) Display Panel in Pilothouse
    (1) Engine shutdown & restart control box
    (1)Manual discharge pull cable located outside the engine room.

    Water Tanks:
    Number and capacity: Two (2) S/S tanks totaling 400 gallons
    Material: S/S
    Inspection plates: Appropriately positioned and sized for access
    Tanks air tested to 4.5 pounds per sq. inch
    Each tank to have "Kus" level gauge
    Each tank to be fitted with sight gauge
    Tank baffles to be spaced on 24" centers
    Tanks to comply with ABYC section H-23 for potable water systems for use on boats
    Cleanliness: Tank interior surfaces to be thoroughly Vacuumed and wiped down prior to final closure

    Fuel Tanks:
    Number and capacity: Two (2) main tanks totaling approximately 1500 gallons. Two tanks should connected by a 1" fuel line and ball valve.
    FRP construction from male molds using Vinylester resin. To comply with all ABYC codes for diesel fuel tanks. Tanks to be coated with fire retardant Gelcoat on outside to comply with ABYC section H-33.20 for fire resistance.
    Inspection Plates appropriately positioned for interior access by average size man. Plates to be fitted with labels that contain all information as stated in ABYC section H-33.16.3. Each internall baffle to have a removable panel to allow access to entire interior of all fuel tanks.
    Each tank supplied with tank gauges with displays located at the helm station
    Magnetic sight gauge for each E/R fuel tank
    Each tank to be air tested to 4.5 pounds per sq. inch
    Provide baffles on 24" centers
    ESI fuel polish system can transfer fuel from one tank to another and polish the fuel while transferring.
    Exterior of tanks finished in gel coat
    Cleanliness: tank interior surfaces to be vacuumed and wiped clean before final closure
    Each tank to have two (2) 1” I.D. vent lines
    Each tank to have separate 2” I.D. fill pipe located a minimum distance of 18” from any ventilation openings.
    All hardware that comes in contact with fuel to be bonded into the ships grounding system.

    Fuel Pipe and Hose:
    Supply lines from engine room tanks are 2” ID with Parker brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings
    Fuel line to main engine filter is 1/2" ID with Parker brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings
    Fuel lines to the generator(s) to be 3/8” ID with Parker brand fuel hose and swaged fittings
    Vent lines to be Trident fuel certified, reinforced hose 1” ID

    Water Piping:
    Cold water: Hose from water tanks to water pump and to accumulator to be 1" diameter reinforced and approved for potable water; Branch lines to be 1/2" PVC pipe (blue) PEX or equivalent
    Hot water: Reinforced 1/2" PVC pipe (red) PEX or equivalent
    Sea water hoses: Trident brand reinforced for marine use and provided with double stainless steel clamps below the water line
    All hoses used shall meet the requirements for service as set out by ABYC for the system intended

    Hot Water Heater System:
    Heater: One (1) Torrid MVS-20 20 gallon with dual 240VAC elements
    System can be connected to the main engine for water heater/ exchange heating.

    Thru Hulls:
    Bronze body, S/S Balls and Teflon seats
    Grounding wire: #6 gauge green wire
    Each thru hull to have a clearly visible tag indicating use
    Each thru hull to be readily accessible

    Fresh Water System:
    Main Pump: Johnson 24V DC pump with pressure regulator
    Hose from water tanks to water pumps and to accumulator to be 1" diameter reinforced and approved for potable water
    Filter: Water filter housing with a 5 micron sediment filter installed downstream of fresh water discharge manifold
    Pump Selection Manifolds: Pump inlet and discharge manifolds made of stainless steel standard pipe. Supply manifold furnished with isolation ball valves from each fresh water tank, to each fresh water pump, and from the water maker. Discharge manifold furnished with isolation valves from each pump.
    Fresh water fill w/SS cap
    Fresh water system will use rigid PVC piping and PEX tubing
    Water maker: 900GPD or larger HRO with UV sterilizer, media filter and remote panel. (Option)

    Plumbing fixtures:
    Head sinks - two (2) total: Master Cabin x 1, VIP/guest lowers x 1.
    Galley sink: Frankie double sink
    Head faucets: Hansgrohe chrome
    Galley faucet, Hansgrohe chrome/black
    Shower fixtures: All Hansgrohe handle, faucet, shower bar, hose, thermostat valve
    Scandvik aft deck shower installed at the stern
    Fresh water outlets on the foredeck, fly bridge, transom and one (1) in engine room

    Shower and sink sump pump system:
    One (1) Johnson sump box located under cabin sole in laundry area. Shower ,sink and washer drain to pump via PVC manifold with 1 1/2" outlet. Sump pump discharges to gray water tank. Requires 1/2" vent line.

    Bilge Pumps:
    Electric: Four (4) Rule 2000GPH bilge pumps with float switch #UPS-01-24V.
    Electric: One (1) Rule 3700GPH bilge pump with float switch #UPS-01-24V.
    Manual pump: Whale 4410 for engine room
    High Water Bilge Alarm Panel - High water bilge sense will come from std. Ultra Senior in each bilge compartment. Visual and audio alarm panel in pilot house.

    Toilets and Holding Tank System:
    All toilets to be Tecma fresh water toilets, total two units. Two Tecma Silence Plus toilets for master and VIP head.
    Water supply to toilets to be fresh water only
    Holding Tank: One (1) 110Gal FRP holding tank located under the walkway sole for two cabin heads.
    Piping to use only schedule 80 PVC pipe or Trident "Odor Shield" #140 sanitation hose
    Holding tank overboard pumps: Jabsco #18590-2094 24V Macerator Pump
    Holding tank vent to use vent filter
    Deck fitting for portable evacuation facility

    Oil Change System:
    Reverso #GP3023-24V DC powered oil change system plumbed to engine, gear box and generator
    All hose used in oil change system to be Parker brand fuel hose and swaged brass fittings

    Central Vacuum system (Option):
    Inlet valves - plastic inlet valves with wires in brown
    Hose sock-gray
    Floor rug combo tool

    The AC electrical system:
    The vessel is fitted with two (2) 120/240VAC 50amp shore inlets at the stern. AC selector control switches allow the operator to select the source(s) of power from either the generator(s) or shore power. AC service is distributed through custom electrical panels containing 240VAC section, volt and amp meters and individual breakers and fuses for branch circuits.
    One (1) Victron 120AV 4.0KW (Option) inverter system for limited ships power, control power to the helm station and for refrigeration during times when the generators and shore power are offline.
    AC Outlets are standard Vimar. Locations TDB
    All outlets in head compartments, mechanical spaces, exterior and galley are Vimar GFCI type. All external outlets have water proof covers.

    The DC electrical system:
    The DC electrical system is a 24VDC distribution system with a maximum capacity of 800 amp/hours. The DC system is to provide power the ships inverter system and provide power to the helm station DC equipment, and ships service. DC service is distributed through custom electrical panels containing 24VDC section, volt and amp meters and individual breakers and fuses for branch circuits.
    Standard batteries are located at lazarette.
    24VDC ships battery bank - Consists of 24, Vision 6FM 200D AGM batteries each. connected in series. A total battery bank capacity of 800 amp/hours is provided for control, ships equipment and limited operation without operation of a generator or shore power connection.
    12VDC helm power is drawn from a Mastervolt 30amp 24 to 12VDC converter system
    Main engine starting - (2) Vision 12V 6FM200H-X batteries connected in series for 24VDC 200AMP starting. Switching logic to parallel with 24VDC ships bank for emergency starting.
    Generator starting- (2) - Vision 12V 6FM120H batteries connected in series for 24VDC 150AMP starting. Switching logic to parallel with 24VDC ships bank for emergency starting.

    24VDC battery charging:
    Two Victron 24VDC, battery chargers
    One Victron 120AV 4.0KW (Option) Inverter/charger provides a total of 30 amps at 24VDC for the ships battery bank.
    Main engine starting battery banks (24V 200AMP) is charged from the respective engine alternator 80AMP. These alternators are also available through automatic charging relays to support the ships battery bank.
    Generator starting battery banks (24V 150AMP) is charged from the respective engine alternator 40AMP.
    One Victron 24V 30-2 AMP battery charger for engine and generator emergency starting.
    Each charging source can be switched to accommodate any single failure of a charging device.

    Vessel Monitoring (Option):
    Maretron backbone to be run the length of the vessel for vessel monitoring ships equipment and critical systems.

    All wire to be marine grade, tinned conductor, sized according to the ABYC Standard

    Wire Terminations:
    Connectors to be ring type with closed end seamless construction.

    Corrosion control:
    All thru hulls to be bonded together with a #6 green wire and tied into the DC negative system
    All hardware mounted below water line - i.e. stuffing box, rudder shoe, rudder frame, all thru hulls, engines, and strainers to be connected to bonding system
    Zinc plates to be tied into the bonding system based on the hull potential requirements of the vessel.

    Electrical Panels:
    Main AC distribution and control panel located in P/H.
    Main DC distribution and control panel located in P/H.
    AC/DC distribution panel in pilothouse for helm instrumentation, navigation, communications and Helm equipment.
    Ships battery control (Blue Sea) at the engine room.
    Engine/gen start battery and emergency parallel control panel in engine room, control of the panel at the helm station
    Generator start/stop panel in pilothouse

    Teak or cherry veneer ( straight grain or mountain grain ).
    Bulkheads, teak or cherry veneer.
    Vinyl & EVA foam finished ceiling for each stateroom.
    Drapery or blinds for saloon & each stateroom.
    Lamp push button for all door lockers & drawers
    Teak & holly interior floor for cabins.
    Teak grid flooring for engine room.
    Tinted tempered window glass 12 mm.
    Clear tempered glass 12mm for front windshield.
    Granite head floor.
    Granite or Corian galley counter top w/ back splash.
    Granite or Corian head counter top w/ back splash.
    Interior lockers and drawers to be locking with chrome push button.
    Interior overhead panels - Removable, held in place by Velcro.
    Schwepper interior door lock sets to be chrome brass.
    Hanging lockers to have automatic interior lights controlled by micro switch. Lined with Cedar.
    Interior teak woodwork including cabin sole in pilot house to be varnished with satin varnish
    Salon tables, pilothouse table to be varnished with high gloss varnish
    All hand rails to be teak.

    Full size large refrigerator
    Microwave with exhaust fan underneath
    Force 10 #73351 three burners gas oven
    Miele #G818SCVI Dishwasher (Option)
    Broan #15BLEXF Trash compactor (Option)
    Exhaust fan above the stove
    Granite or Corian counter top
    Frankie S/S double sink
    Hansgrohe Single lever swivel type retractable faucet
    Overhead cabinets
    Drawers & storage lockers w/shelves under counter

    Main Salon:
    Floors: Teak and holly
    Sofa with teak parquet table
    Entertainment center cabinet
    Single panel door for salon entrance
    Blinds for saloon windows
    TV under the salon galley bar. (Pop-up TV lift is an option choice)
    Prewire for surround sound speakers
    Teak valance/air con soffit P&S and aft sides of salon
    Overhead to have perimeter recess with strip lighting

    Master Cabin:
    Floors: Teak and holly
    Cabinet/paneling: varnished teak
    Mattress: Standard Queen size 5" thick foam
    Full high wardrobe and dressing room with automatic light and aromatic cedar liner
    Teak headboard frame

    Master Stateroom headroom:
    Floors: Granite or Corian tile
    Counter top: Granite or Corian with bull nosed edges
    Molded FRP shower stall with frameless glass doors
    S/S 316 toilet paper holder
    Vanity unit w/integral wash basin
    Teak removable grating panel for shower room
    Vanity mirror w/teak frame

    Floors: Teak & holly
    Cabinet/joiner work: Varnished teak
    Counter tops and instrument panel faces: teak
    Sofa with teak table
    Helm seat - Stidd 500N-2X1 Low Back "Slimline". Ultra-Leather and pedestal color are buyer's choice (Option)
    Chart table chart light
    Locker interior finish: Formica
    Chart drawers as located per interior drawings

    Forepeak (Chain Locker) Water tight collision bulkhead:
    Shelves: Teak grid shelves for rope storage
    Finish: Painted with gray gel coat
    Locker to be divided for dual anchors and chain
    Both lockers to be self-draining thru thru-hulls at boot top.

    Guest cabin:
    Floors: Teak & holly
    Cabinet/paneling: Varnished teak
    Hanging locker interior finish: Cedar wood
    Upper and lower bunk
    Drawers under bunk
    Mattresses: Custom 4" thick foam
    Desk with chair next to bunk
    Teak headboard frame

    Forward VIP cabin:
    Floors: Teak & holly
    Cabinet/paneling: Varnished teak
    Hanging locker with Cedar wood lining
    Mattresses: Custom 5" thick foam
    Natural ventilation
    Telescope escape ladder

    VIP head:
    Floors: stone tile
    Cabinetry: Formica with teak trim
    Shower to be molded FRP
    Counter tops: Granite with bull nosed edges
    Clear glass shower door
    Towel bars TBD
    Toilet paper holder TBD
    Mirror over sink

    Main overhead lighting throughout interior:
    IMTRA LED bulb lighting controlled by wall switches.

    Exterior overhead lights:
    IMTRA LED bulb lighting controlled by wall switches.

    Overhead reading lights:
    IMTRA Lighting controlled from separate switches

    Engine Room and Lazarette Light:
    Hella LED light for engine room, 4 units
    4" Dome 24VDC light under the swim platform for aft lazarette (3 units)

    Courtesy Lights:
    24VDC LED white rope lighting under settees, bunks and toe space in selected areas interior and exterior, white exterior and red interior.
    Hanging Locker Lights and misc. Lockers: 3" dome 24VDC

    Navigation lights and signal lights:
    Port nav light - Aqua Signal 41 Series, #41320 24VDC
    Star nav light - Aqua Signal 41 Series, #41220 24VDC
    Stern light - Aqua Signal 41 Series, #41520 24VDC
    Steaming light - Aqua Signal 41 Series, #41420 24VDC
    Anchor light - Aqua Signal 40 Series, #40020 24VDC

    Reading Fixtures:
    Owner's cabin to have two 24VDC Cantalupi "Ondine" chrome bronze swing arm reading lights
    VIP cabin to have two Cantalupi Cabin wall lamps

    Salon Accent Fixtures:
    Cantalupi Cabin wall lamps in salon in three (3) locations.

    Deck Floodlights (Option):
    Three (3) Aqua signal 120VAC/500 watt series 1069 mounted on port and starboard F/B hardtop and one facing aft on the mast.

    Search Light (Option):
    ACR RCL100 with dual station remote controls. Unit mounted on the pilot house roof.

    Exterior Details:
    All horizontal surfaces on deck to have an oval pattern nonskid as shown in deck plan - standard nonskid to be a contrasting color to parimeter deck
    Stainless 316 handrails 1-1/4"OD with electro polished bases. All rails shown on drawings to be standard in addition to those specified
    Handrails at transom
    S/S 316 Hawse fittings with rollers:
    S/S 316 fairlead with cleat per drawing
    Upper rub rail cap to be 316 stainless steel 1/4" fastened with flush 316 stainless steel fasteners. Stainless steel caps on upper and lower rub rails as shown in design.
    Settee, molded fiberglass w/ Sunbrella cushion set at forward deck & fly bridge pilot area.
    Manship port holes in hull and deck as shown on design. Ports positioned as per layout drawings.
    All opening ports to be fitted with screens and deadlights
    S/S window frame for all the salon and pilot house windows, the galley window is slidable, all others are fixed.
    Teak coming for side deck & aft. deck
    Molded inlay pattern non-skid to fore, side, aft, F/B decks & swim platform

    Fresh water deck wash at transom.
    Saltwater wash down at transom.
    Steps to transom integrated starboard.

    Helm station w/ console box.
    S/S steering wheel
    One Selene helm chair
    Wash basin w/ folded faucet
    L shaped FRP settee w/ storage underneath & Sunbrella cushion set.
    FRP table w/ S/S stanchions.
    Chart counter top w/ glass lid.
    Tender space on the fly bridge deck
    FRP bureau for BBQ, refrigerator & sink.
    Richie Compass (Option).
    Dometic BBQ (Option)
    Waeco refrigerator (Option)

    Portuguese bridge deck:
    FRP boarding door to access the fore deck

    One FRP settee w/ Sunbrella cushion set
    One Manship hatch access to the VIP cabin

    Anchor Storage:
    Stainless steel 316 anchor assembly (Main and secondary) (Option)

    Rails and Stanchions:
    Stainless steel 1-1/4" dia. 316 round rails and stanchions on fore deck and F/B deck . Rails to have welded on round bases with fastening studs on bottom and dual 3/4" divider rails as shown on drawing.
    S/S #316 dia 2” aft. deck overhang support posts

    Foredeck Rail:
    Foredeck to have 316 round stainless rail with 1-1/4" diameter stanchions. Welded to round bases with fastening stud welded on bottom.

    Windshield Wipers:
    Exalto three (3) speed self-parking motor, with wash system for three (3) front windows

    Kahlenberg dual trumpet #DO-A with chrome finish and fog timer 240VAC compressor w/24VDC solenoid

    Deck hatches:
    Per deck plan, One Manship 24"*24" hatch with Oceanair hatch shade w/ insert screens in fore deck to access the VIP cabin.
    Install Manship 19-1/2"*19-1/2" hatch Oceanair hatch shade w/ insert screens on pilot house roof to access the pilot house.

    Windows 12mm" thick tempered glass
    All window glass to be clear glass, tined is option
    Galley window is slidable, all others are fixed.
    S/S window frame are equipped with all the salon and pilot house windows
    All salon windows to have storm plate receptacles (Option)

    Exterior Doors:
    Diamond Sea Glaze Dutch door, P&S.
    Pilothouse--2ea, Weather Tight Dutch door.
    Salon after--1ea, Weather Tight Dutch door.
    S/S sliding door from pilot house to fly bridge.

    Boarding doors:
    Port and starboard - Stern doors on port and starboard side aft per drawing. Doors to have "blind" dog lock/handles.

    Davit (Option):
    Steelhead1500 LB capacity hydraulic /240VAC davit with extendable boom to 12 feet mounted per drawing.

    Bottom treatment:
    Five (5) layers of epoxy barrier coat and three (3) coats of anti fouling paint

    Deck Drains:
    Bridge deck and Fly Bridge deck to drain through 2" deck drains.
    Lower side decks to drain through freeing ports and scuppers.

    Control stations (Option):
    Port and starboard side of forward bridge deck equipped with helm controls, bow and stern thruster controls, start/stop/horn.
    Aft deck control station equipped with helm controls, bow and stern thruster controls, start/stop/horn.

    FRP hardtop over F/B (Option):
    FRP hardtop over F/B with molded in non-skid 3" dia. Stainless steel support stanchions at forward end, port and starboard

    Stern capstan winches (Option) :
    Two (2) Maxwell VC 1000 port and starboard cockpit

    Flag Staff:
    Teak flag staff with 1 1/4" socket for aft F/B deck rail.
    Teak flag staff with 1 1/4" socket for foe deck rail.

    Swim ladder:
    Stainless steel mounted on swim step under FRP hatch accessible from water

    Anchor Windlass and Fittings:
    One set of Maxwell HWC 2500 24V DC electric station controls pilothouse, fly bridge and foot switches with chain counters (Option) and band brake and 1/2" (12mm) chain gypsy x 1, capstan x 1.
    Chain stoppers for 1/2" diameter chain (Optional)

    Exterior locker doors:
    All exterior locker doors to use flush stainless steel pull rings for latches
    All exterior locker doors to have stainless steel louvered vents

    Swim Platform:
    Two (2) 2" diameter "U" shaped rails across swim step (Option)
    Two (2) fold up style 8" cleats on swim step port and starboard for dinghy tie up (Option)

    Deck Locker Misc.:
    All deck lockers and stowage boxes to be fitted with stainless steel gas shocks of the proper rating.

    The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.


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